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I look around this room… and I see survivors. Each and every one of you has earned that title. Survivors. Is that all you want to be? Wake up in the morning, fight the undead pricks, forage for food, go to sleep with two eyes open, rinse and repeat? ‘Cause you can do that. I mean, you got the strength. You got the skill. Thing is, for you people, for what you can do, that’s just surrender. Come with us. Save the world for that little one. Save it for yourselves. Save it for the people out there… who don’t got nothing left to do except survive.
The Walking Dead, Strangers (5x02)

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thats my cheek judith.~ Rick Grimes and Judith Grimes being adorable, TWD season 5 episode 2

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the walking dead season 5 episode 2: a summary

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a short summary of my life

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